Project Development

Getting it Right the First Time

Project Development Self StorageWorks has a highly qualified team of development experts to provide guidance in every phase of project development. Our architects, designers, contractors, lenders, and managers have years of experience and acquired expertise in the development of self storage projects. Self StorageWorks can provide a multitude of critical development services including entitlement expertise, project scheduling, construction management, cost analysis, financial auditing and oversight.

Feasibility Analysis

What You Need to Know

Feasibility Report

Feasibility ReportStorage owners, financial institutions, and management companies have relied on Self StorageWorks' feasibility studies for the past 20 years. Our feasibility studies provide the critical information needed to determine whether or not 

to proceed with a project, as well as essential information necessary to secure a construction loan. Studies typically include a complete analysis of the competitive market, a comprehensive supply and demand analysis, a photo gallery of the subject property and all competitors, recommendations, a conclusion, and the Self StorageWorks guarantee that validates all information included in the study, as well as the performance of the project.

Site Design & Layout

Meeting Market Demand


Self StorageWorks is a leader in self storage project and retail design. Our unique design strategies have on average, generated approximately 15% higher revenues than industry standards. Our exhaustive research identifies key consumer touch points that inspire consumers to choose our clients' facilities over their competitors. And, when it comes to retail, nobody does it better than Self StorageWorks. With more than 23 years of combined retail design experience, the Self StorageWorks retail design team can create a store that will maximize customer experience and cash flow through high impact retail layouts and promotions.