Planning & Startup

Starting on the Right Foot

Self StorageWorks can create progressive business and marketing plans to energize any new or existing storage business with features that differentiate your product from the competition.

We are experts in the use of media in self-storage, which is something the competition typically knows little about. If a facility is in the start-up phase or if an owner simply needs more rent per square foot or higher occupancy levels, Self StorageWorks can help.

For new facilities, Self StorageWorks' comprehensive start-up strategies ensure that a facility is perfectly positioned to succeed. A solid start-up is the foundation upon which a facility will be built and its long-term success or failure can hinge on the following elements:

Front Office

• Marketing Plan
• Interviewing
• Hiring

• Training
• IT
• Security
• Phone and In-Store Selling Systems

Self StorageWorks takes the guesswork out of the self storage business.


Meeting the Mark

Lady with Paperwork Self StorageWorks operations team manages day-to-day operations at facilities throughout California. Self StorageWorks provides all of the services necessary to operate a self storage facility including managing staff, performing audits, maintaining facilities, negotiating with vendors to secure favorable rates and terms, executing lien sales, providing sales training and support, developing and implementing marketing campaigns, and much more.
Self StorageWorks has the expertise and experience to put a high-powered team in your facility and quickly improve income and occupancy. We specialize in training experienced storage managers on the art of selling self-storage.

Self StorageWorks strives to be transparent, Self StorageWorks’ bookkeeping system allows clients to closely monitor and grow their businesses, while freeing them from the obligations of an in-house accounting department.

Communication is simple and efficient between clients and our staff, and we are always available 24/7.

Self StorageWorks manages all necessary software and technology to provide ownership with our valuable services without any additional responsibilities or burden.

Search Engine Optimization

Reaching Your Market

Self StorageWorks provides custom search engine optimization services. Our marketing services are custom tailored to fit the specific needs of our clients and their target markets. Our web marketing services include Local Search, PPC, Google Maps, Social Media, Web Design, Conversion Videos and more.

Our proven online marketing strategies provide our clients with top placement and unparalleled market exposure. We leverage our acquired expertise to bring our clients maximum visibility on the web, turning their websites into powerful business engines.
Search Engines