Client Testimony

Hollywood Storage

Hollywood Storage (Newbury Park, CA): “Self StorageWorks “turned around” and successfully transformed my consumer storage facilities into sales-oriented businesses that emphasize customer service, community partnerships and business-to-business marketing. Greg Call, the president and CEO of Self StorageWorks, also was instrumental in delivering a parcel of land adjacent to our existing facility, saving us from a potentially large competitor next door. As a result, we have doubled our size to 300,000 square feet, and our income has gone from $1.4 million a year to more than $7.3 million." 
Jay Sundher, Owner, Hollywood Storage Center, Thousand Oaks Self Storage


One very effective and underutilized marketing tool is the Internet, and Internet Optimization. This is where many self-storage facilities fall far short of meeting customers’ expectations, as most facilities have little or no Web presence. It is our belief that this is a mistake that could be costing you tens of thousands of dollars a year in lost revenues, as a strong and compelling website is often a customer's introduction to a company and its services. Through the Web, you can showcase your facility and the services that you offer in ways that your competition never dreamed possible.


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